Friday, March 20, 2009

National Civilian Security Force

The House has passed legislation to create President Obama’s promised civilian service force, ostensibly to vastly expand “volunteerism” in the U.S., via H.R. 1388. The bill passed 320-105, so we can thank BOTH sides of the aisle for the new Obama army. The bill is now headed to the Senate.

This is Obama’s promised “national civilian security force” which will be “just as strong, just as powerful, and just as well funded" as the military.

Critics have warned that passage of the legislation is a backdoor way to require mandatory service under the guise of “volunteerism.” It could require individuals to give 3 years of paid “volunteer” service, with details of where and how they would volunteer determined by the government. Think ACORN/Saul Alinsky/Hitler Youth.


  1. Hitler Youth? Really? Really?

  2. James,
    As I indicated to you in a separate conversation, I've used the strike out to remove the reference to Hitler Youth.