Friday, March 6, 2009

Chicago Tea Party

Part of the reason I wanted to get American Dreamer up and running was to be able to post about the Chicago Tea Party last Friday, February 27.

I hadn’t participated in any type of demonstration since I moved to Illinois over ten years ago, largely because the corruption in Illinois politics is so deeply ingrained that change seems hopeless. Yes, there is irony in that choice of words. Chicago’s favorite son, Barack Obama, has become President of the United States. Disturbing and troubling change has come rapidly in his short time as President.

The touted “stimulus bill” was pushed through Congress so quickly that the congressmen and women didn’t read it before voting. The new “transparent” administration assured concerned citizens that the $820 billion package would be posted on line 48 hours prior to the vote, a promise that was broken. The bill is filled with special-interest appropriations, raising suspicion that the troubled economy was a straw man for a Congressional spending frenzy. A grass roots movement sprang up, spreading rapidly across the United States. Ordinary citizens took to the streets in protest of the bill.

I was happy and proud to attend the Chicago protest alongside hundreds of other Illinoisians exercising our right to free speech and assembly. At one point I stood away from the crowd and surveyed the event with an intentional lack of expectation. I saw a speaker with a bullhorn, a young man with a British accent dressed in costume and powdered wig (Samuel Adam), a variety of hand-written signs, several “Don’t Tread on Me” flags along with American flags, people leading the crowd in various chants, clusters of Chicago city police around the fringe of the crowd, and several camera crews from news outlets. I felt like a 60s radical! It was exhilarating to participate in the tradition of American protest.
More protests are now being planned for “tax day”, April 15.

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I'm reading the novel right now, so I had to include this:

I wish they would just tell us what they think . . . "

I love this photo of the Chicago skyline:

That's me hiding behind the "Save the Free Market" sign: (by permission)

Sam Adams:

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